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Team Spitfire - Got Wrecked [15-20]

okay i’m ready to die now

I hope you guys enjoy this mega-update because MAN did it take a lot of work… @_@ The reason I put this off a couple weeks was because the fight scene couldn’t be resolved in a single page, and something like this spread over a once-weekly basis would make the comic boring as hell. So I figured I’d nut up and get it all out of the way in one go.

Normally I’d add some more artist’s commentary, but I’m tired and I feel like the pages can speak for themselves.

Goodnight, and enjoy~

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Back when I first reimagined Dox into its current form, I was largely inspired by a Dungeons and Dragons character I was role-playing at the time, a Changeling. Not knowing what to name the lady (there was no gender-neutral option), I used an automatic name generator, and the first one to pop up was “Dox.”

I liked it. It’s not a real name (so far as I’m aware; none of my usual haunts for websites about names had it), which fit what I had in mind for the character - a quiet person whose backstory left it feeling separate from the people around it. (And tangentially, there was a character named Dox in the comic book series Impulse, which I grew up reading.)

But a few months ago I learned that, even though “Dox” isn’t a real name, “dox” is a real thing. To dox somebody is to essentially steal their personal information and post it online for everybody to see and judge, most frequently happening to women and any nude pictures of themselves they might have. For all intents and purposes, it’s identity theft.

Dox, meanwhile, is a shape-shifter who assumes the identity of people in order to hide itself in a crowd, or in a group of people who might need to be taken down from the inside.


So as much as I love its name, Dox will need a new one. I’m thinking of changing it to “Dex” in order to keep it similar, but the caveat is that “Dex” is both a real name and one generally associated with males. I want to name it something gender neutral. “Dax” is also an option, but I just don’t like saying it, if that makes sense. And I’m not changing its name to “Dix” or “Dux.”

I post this to the art blog because this is my primary “character” blog. And I’m open to input if anybody wants to give any.

Reblog if I’m allowed to send you in character asks even if we have never talked before.







Reblogging this both because I love getting asks and because… Raul Julia!

Be warned,  Buzz can be a bit of a brat sometimes. 

"Nonsense! Ah’m perfectly delightful in every way."

Any of my characters are happy to talk.

I don’t mind if people are in character when asking my characters stuff.. but I’m mostly reblogging this for Raul Julia. :3

always open for character questions (even nauuuughty stuff). 

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Got Wrecked got rekt

Despite busting my scrote to get Got Wrecked’s mega update out in time after losing two days of work due to negligent friends, I have missed my self-imposed deadline. Rather than release updates off-kilter,I’m going to push the update back one more week. To make up for it you will get a massive SIX PAGE UPDATE. thank you for your patience.

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