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Busty Bust Shots!

So I need to practice drawing breasts, right? Right. I’m going to take a cue from one of my favorite dirty artists and take this time to offer out Busty Bust Shot commissions. For $5, I will draw you a bust shot of your ladycharacter with her parts out, like so (NSFW link obviously). Paypal only, note me if interested and we can sort out the details from there :)

EDiT: I’ll draw pretty much any character so long as she’s not copyrighted/underage - even my own, if you’d like. :)


Matoaka - BRT!

I was working on this comic page thing with Matoaka as the central focus, but A// it wasn’t coming together visually and B// I’d started it before really building her personality, so there was a drastic, 180 degree turn in her behavior between panels. Instead, have a crop with the one panel I really liked, guest starring Dot’s word balloon.


So, I drew a Mewtwo a few times during the Pokeddexy. She hadn’t sold, and her design had grown on me, so I decided to take her under my wing.

Matoaka is secretive and paranoid, but on the surface she’s very outgoing and amiable. I’ve got a lot of stuff lined up for Matoaka that I can’t really reveal right now, so I’m sorry that the description is pretty sparse. Normally I wouldn’t make a legendary Pokemorph and keep them (especially as there is definitely only one Mewtwo), but I’ve had some ideas on how to make this work.



Man, I don’t think I’ve drawn Count Bleck in…two, three years? Probably even more than that.

Super Paper Mario might be a passable game, but I loved the villains. They were fun, their designs were amazing (for the most part…lookin’ at you, O’Chunks), and they had great theme music. The Count lends himself well to how I draw.

I’ve been slacking over the last couple days, and this is the culmination of all that. Tonight, it’s back in the saddle. I got a new Pokemorph to draw.

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