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Matoaka - Like Me [4]

Sorry for the delay. Seeing the actual, final roster for SSB4 took the wind out of my sails pretty hard. I did some work in the meantime, so it’s not for naught. 

For those curious: Mario is a Flareon, Villager is an Eevee, Diddy Kong is a Chimchar and Wii Fit Trainer is a Purrloin. It was difficult coming up with most of them and I’m sure there were more fitting choices that I’m missing.


So how do you draw shirtless dudes accurately? I’m working on a thing that requires a lot of shirtless dudes, and whenever I try to draw in all the shirtless-dude-related muscles, it makes the shirtless dude look like a brick with lines.

And I know asking for realism in a style like mine is kind of weird, but I’m trying to find a line between realism and cartooniness.


Matoaka - Like Me [3]

So an epiphany struck: rather than draw like three pages of reaction shots of Dot and Matoaka in their dorm room (well, technically Dot and Hex’), I decided to do something fun and on the dynamic side, such as depicting battles between the two with them dressed as their characters. They haven’t been transported into the game or anything, I just didn’t want to be boring/draw characters that weren’t them.

Stuck with good ol’ fashioned paint bucket for coloring this time, then did a quick thing for the bottom set of panels just because. Went a lot faster, and I couldn’t keep it as straight-up black-and-white. Took about 3 hours to do, which is acceptable. Will hopefully have another one up tonight.

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Matoaka - Like Me [2]

Like I said, all human characters in anything are Pokemorphs - in this case Little Mac is a Hitmonchan and Captain Falcon is a Blaziken. I haven’t really figured most of the roster out, but Game & Watch, ROB and the Kirby characters are identical to how they appear now while the Star Fox characters are Pokemorphs - Falco is a Swellow, Wolf is a Mightyena and Fox is a Vulpix.

So despite my best intentions to make Like Me a fast series I spent too much time coloring this. Leaving the background blank only saved so much time, so the next page will probably be straight-up black and white.

For context, though, Matoaka is floating with her telekinesis.

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